Making great memories with your kids is so important, but we all know how hard it can be to find the time to make it happen

Family festivals are a great option for fun summer weekends. They deliver a whole range of food, entertainment and activities, so all you've got to do is get your family organised and turn up to enjoy it.

The Fantabulous Family Festival Planner is here to make it even easier to do just that!

Stack of paperback books

With space for 3 festivals, our planner will help you make magical family festival memories all summer long

Were you left feeling like you'd missed out, after a flat and boring summer this year?

Next year, why not join the growing numbers of people who take their kids to festivals

With activities that keep you all entertained all day, yummy food and great music, family-friendly festivals are a wonderful way to spend your summer weekends. 

And From May to September you've got plenty to choose from, with hundreds if not thousands, of events in every corner of the UK and beyond.

If you've never been to a family festival before, knowing where to start can be overwhelming

What if you could have an expert guide on hand to make sure your first festival is fantastic?

There's so much to work out, starting with which festival is right for your family. Then you need to think about what camping equipment you need, which clothes to take, what to wear for fancy dress, how you can minimise meltdowns and of course, whether it will cost a fortune.

Festival tickets aren't cheap, so its important to make the most of your time there

When you buy the Fantabulous Family Festival Planner, you get three books in one

  • Firstly, it's a practical Planner, filled with expert tips and templates designed to ensure you are well-prepared for your festival experiences. 
  • Next you get an Activity Book with lots of things to do to help make your festival experience amazing. 
  • Finally, by filling out its journalling pages and adding your photos, you turn it into a Keepsake you'll treasure forever.

Whether you are a complete novice or a family festival veteran, this book is a must-have companion for all of your future festivals

Some people breeze through family-friendly festivals, making the most of every fun-filled moment, while others are stuck with miserable kids, feeling like they missed out

Their secret? Great planning. 

By choosing a festival that's perfect for their family and being well organised for it, they are able to immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy everything the festival has to offer. 

The Fantabulous Family Festival Planner has everything you need to plan, create and record amazing memories with your kids

Its 128 jam-packed colourful pages will help you:

  • Find your perfect festival: Research and shortlist your family's favourite festivals Be perfectly packed: It's chock full of expert tips for stress-free festival weekends.
  • Never miss your Favourites: Work out what and when to see and do.
  • Keep hold of your Budget: Practical tips to make the most of your festival funds.
  • Guided Journaling: Capture the magic and create lasting keepsakes. 
  • End-of-Season Fun: Hold your own Awards Ceremony

This book will help you have a hassle-free festival experience, so you can enjoy bonding as a family and making memories that will last a lifetime

Just imagine – a festival experience that's actually fun and stress-free. You'll be able to enjoy the music, have fun doing awesome activities together, and eat scrummy food, all whilst making and capturing memories that will stay with you forever.

Say goodbye to worries and hello to magical memories that will bring your family closer than ever

We get about 18 summers to entertain our kids. Make sure the next one is memorable by getting your copy now

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