The Fantabulous Family Festival Planner

Purchase your copy of the planner and unlock the joy of family festivals

Have you ever wondered how some people are seemingly able to breeze through family-friendly festivals, making the most of every fun-filled moment while others are stuck with miserable kids, feeling like they missed out, and are dejected and exhausted?

The answer is great planning

By choosing a festival that's perfect for your family and getting organised for it, you can immerse yourself in the moment and let every magical second wash over you.

Whether you are a complete novice or a family festival veteran this book is a must-have companion for all of your future festivals. It consists of 128 jam-packed colourful pages that will help you: 

  • Find your perfect festival: Research and shortlist your family's favourite festivals 
  • Be perfectly packed: It's chock full of expert tips for stress-free festival weekends
  • Never miss your Favourites: Work out what and when to see and do. 
  • Keep hold of your Budget: Practical tips to make the most of your festival funds.
  • Guided Journaling: Capture the magic and create lasting keepsakes. 
  • End-of-Season Fun: Hold your own Awards Ceremony

This book will help you have a hassle-free festival experience where you can enjoy music, bonding activities, and delicious treats, whilst making and preserving memories that will last a lifetime. 

Just imagine – a festival experience that's actually fun and stress-free. You'll groove to the music, enjoy awesome activities together, and savour yummy treats, all whilst capturing memories that will stick with you forever.

 Say goodbye to worries and hello to magical memories that bring your family closer than ever.

Templates & Tips to Get Organised

Whether it's your first time at a family-friendly festival or you're a seasoned expert, getting organized is the key to having a great time.

From choosing the festival that best fits your family's needs, to giving you lots of tips on packing, managing your budget, and planning your weekend our book has got you sorted.

Fun Activities for Festival Downtime

Everyone needs a bit of downtime even at a festival. So we've included lots of activities that will keep your kids happy and busy for those moments when you just need to chill, make food, chat, or whatever else you want to do.

And the really clever part is that each activity has a QR code so you can download a printable version and make as many copies as you need.

Prompts & Space for Guided Journalling

You get lots of space to add photos, write about your day and record your favorite things about the festival.

Whether you fill it in as you go or wait until you are home, this book will become a treasured memory of the fun times you spent together as a family,

Hi, I'm Joanna Armah-Kinson Owner of The Fantabulous Family
As the wife of a festival performer, I'm lucky enough to spend the majority of my summer weekends at festivals entertaining my (now 11-year-old) son. As a mum who juggles a part-time job and managing two businesses, I know the importance of good planning, and the need for flexibility and good grace when plans fall through! A lifelong adventure lover; I've always been passionate about travel, photography and spending time outdoors. I currently live in Lichfield with my husband, son & cat but am always planning the next big adventure!